Are you ready to look your very best? 

 Stylebar is here to help you.


Personalization and flexible shopping is the core of everything we do. You work with a real person, or Style Sidekick, to help edit through all the fashion websites finding the items that best fits your unique style.

We provide a shopping experience that fits into your schedule and works with your budget all through your mobile phone.






Chat with your style SIDEKICk




Check out your personalized style mixes and buy right there




Explore the latest trends in clothing, shoes and accessories


Customized to your Lifestyle

Your style sidekick will help you discover items you love, that make you look great and feel confident. 


Easy shopping across retailers

We will edit through various websites and find items specifically for you.



Shop within your budget

You don't always have to hurt your wallet with expensive items.  Your style sidekick can select items that fit with your budget.

At times our Style Sidekicks may seem like mind readers.  But through using Facebook and Instagram photos (if you choose to share) and Stylebar’s very own in-app chat, they come awfully close. Don’t take our word for it. Read what our beta users have said.

" The experience is fun without any pressure to purchase.  Using collages is a nice way to reach out and has made me shop more and find similar items"
"Having the stylist find items for me saves me a lot of time."
"The items I purchased fit me perfectly,  I would definitely shop again on Stylebar!" 
"You have a great idea and concept here! For sure I will use!"

StyleBar is more than an app, it’s an opportunity to discover your unique style. At Stylebar, we understand that the relationship between you and your style is an integral part of your identity. Because style and personality go hand in hand while developing a wardrobe, Stylebar connects you with Style SideKicks that create outfits and wardrobes specifically for you in order to help you better express the originality and novelty that you possess. It is our desire that our style sidekicks would help to cultivate confidence in each and every one of our users.