3 Outfits Inspired by 3 Inspirational Women

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I had the pleasure to work with three inspirational women of the Women's Education & Leadership League (W.E.L.L).  This non-profit is founded on the mission to provide women with financial literacy tools and education, and become leaders in their job, family life and community.   The topic of finance can be daunting, I know this personally, it is usually something I don't usually place high on the priority list.  I sat down with Alana Scott, co-founder of W.E.L.L, and her explanation was enlightening.  

As women we view everything with intense emotion and physical concern. How can the car, the house, the kids, the money... all be separate? They are all a part of the financial picture and goals.
— Alana Scott

The financial industry still speaks primarily to the "male point of view" type of portfolio where everything is separated and since nearly 75% of all financial household decisions are made by women, isn't it time the industry learns to speak in our language, says Alana.   

Inspiration comes from extraordinary places, and I have been fortunate enough to work alongside these ladies.  I decided to create these Style Mixes and urge you to learn more about what this organization is doing to break down barriers.  


Alana Scott

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Alana is a financial advisor and certified divorce analyst.  She co-founded the Women's Education & Leadership League in 2015,  to provide free financial literacy programs for women.  Her team is looking to change the culture not just in the financial industry but in the homes, businesses and community of their members.   

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Victoria Popoff

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Victoria shares her 16 years of experience by starting her own Pilates & Fitness studio in  Modesto, CA.   She helps women love their bodies and find a fitness program that you not only enjoy but see the best results.  She is the leader of the Physically Well programs at W.E.L.L.

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Erica Ormsby

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 She is a certified health professional and integrative life coach who co-founded  TrueStrenghWellness.com, an online coaching website.  She helps people who are overcoming addiction to those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle.   Her efforts are in the name of getting people the help they truly need. She oversees Ambassador training program and the Emotionally Well workshops. 

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Learn More about the women of W.E.L.L, here. And what you can do to empower women to push through life's little barriers.  

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