Guys, Get These 5 Essential Pieces for Spring 2016

Spring has arrived, or it could be just around the corner, depending on where you live. Albeit the former or the latter, these 5 pieces will be essential to keep you looking great and staying cool. I’ve looked high and low from magazines to video blogs. These are the 5 must have pieces for this spring and where to find them. Always remember, if you need help finding any of these pieces, our style sidekicks can give you a hand. So sign up if you haven’t already. The service is free so there’s no reason not to try. Enough jabbering from me. Here are 5 Spring 2016 Essential Pieces.

1. Ray-Ban Classic Clubmaster Sunglasses, $150 

Now these are some classic sunglasses that will look great any year (don’t take my word for it, “classic” is in its name).

2. Uniqlo Full Zip Sweatshirts

Even though the weather is getting warmer, there will still be those chilly nights. To warm for a full blown jacket but too chilly for just that t-shirt. Grab one of these, and you’ll be set. You can pick up these for $29.90 at Uniqlo.

3. Banana Republic Silk Cotton Cashmere Vee Sweater Pullover

Which brings ups to number 3. Now we wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a sweatshirt on a date night, but that’s me. Look good for that special person by just wearing this or layering it with a dress shirt. It’ll keep you warm during those chilly evenings we talked about. They come in a variety of colors too (just in case purple isn’t your cup of tea). Get it for $69.90 at Banana Republic.

4. Uniqlo Extra Fine Cotton Broad Cloth Oxford Shirt

I guarantee this will be a go-to piece for work and for play. The shirt goes together perfectly with slacks and a pair of white tennis shoes (for play) and brown double-monk strap shoes. Get one for $29.90 or two for $49.90 from Uniqlo. But speaking of tennis shoes …

5.  Erik Scheden White Leather Sneakers

These pair of clean white kicks will stay in style this spring and every year you can afford to grab a pair. They’re on the pricier side for plain sneakers (literally no logos or labels) and will set you back $243. But if you take care of these, they will last you at least a couple of years. They are made from fine Italian leather.

There you have it. The 5 essential pieces that you will need for this spring. If you need help putting any of these pieces together, ask our #StyleSidekicks on Twitter and Facebook. Also swing by Stylebar’s Pinterest page for style inspirations. Or you can just sign up for our free personalized service at Until next time …  Cheers!

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