How to Balance a Full-time Job and Do a Start-Up

Wow!  It's already my third year with Stylebar. Reflecting upon the journey, I realize how time has flown and how much this adventure has taught me. I was an MBA student when I first started working on this project, I didn’t even realize when it became a passion and eventually a dream come true. My partner (now a very dear friend) and I put our heart and soul in it. We spent hours and hours at my couch scribbling on the drawing board. I proudly say that we had courage and determination to follow our dream and we brought Stylebar to life.

Like every journey evolves, mine did too. After graduation, I started working full-time. I knew it would be challenging to manage a full-time job, family life and Stylebar. I will not deny that it hasn't been easy, but the support of my partner (both business and life ;)) has been overwhelmingly synergetic.  I have been able to manage my time well and be able to invest in my own business. At the end of everyday, when I work on the big and small things for Stylebar, it gives me a certain level of satisfaction that is hard to describe. 

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"With this post, I want to encourage all the working women to follow their dreams. If there is something that you have been wanting to create, you can still do it while having a full-time job. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to work on something you dreamed of, you created from the scratch."

My story might not be exactly like yours, but I am sure that there is always something to learn from other people’s experiences. Here are five things that I will share from my experience in balancing a full time job and a company of your own.

1. Pick the right people to work with

If you have people who trust you and who you can trust, it makes life much easier. With a day job, you need to know someone is backing you up while you are away.

2. Set aside at least one hour every day

Whether you start your day with it or end it with it, if you don’t think about it every single day, you are not going to survive it.  Just make a note of five things you got to do in a day. You can either work on it with a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening.

3. Know what is going on

Talk to your team, check in regularly. Know what they are struggling with on a daily basis. Only then you will be able to really understand the challenges and enjoy the successes.

4. Talk to at least one person everyday about your company

Start with talking to just one outsider every day about your company, what it does, how it can change lives and you will soon be surprised how many people will already know about your company.

5. Hang in there

This one is very important. There will be stressful days, there will be days you will feel like you are not able to manage all of it, just take a break but always know that you started this because you believed in it and that will give you strength to keep going!

To all those powerful, strong, determined and passionate women out there, you can do it. Just believe in yourself!

XoXo Neeti 

COO of Stylebar 

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