Our Future Style Sidekick, 3 Mixes for You

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You never know who you are going to inspire.  

Since settling into my new office,  I have been non-stop helping our Stylebar clients find the items that best fit them or pieces they never knew existed.  I didn't notice my eight year old niece, Lauren,  watching me make Style Mixes, that she went to her iPad and started to curate mixes of her very own.  She created a ton!!  and she had fun doing it.  I was so impressed by her work that I told her that I would share it to our Stylebar community.  Below are items that can be found in our "Shop Our Look" page and descriptions of the outfits are a joint collaboration with our future Style Sidekick. 


An A-line skirt really highlights  a small waist, not to mention very comfortable.   You can pair this skirt with a tucked in tank or blouse.  We added the sweater jacket as an option away from your typical short length jacket.  This makes the overall look more casual.  Instead of flats, you can pair with heels but we would recommend flat or sandals.  According to Lauren, you can wear this around town grabbing a light dinner with friends or to a casual party for the that not-so-dressed up look.  


First off, the palette by YouTube beauty guru, Jaclyn Hill, is an absolute must.  It is a bronzer, highlight and blush combo packaged in a sturdy box with a large mirror.  What is nice about these powders is that you can layer highlights and get a different look and really stir your creative side.   The fringe wrap can be worn both casually or thrown over a cocktail dress.  Lauren recommends wearing this outfit to Los Altos Grill or any there casual dining restaurant.  


This party dress is just adorable.  The A-line silhouette gives you a smaller waist and the pop of color Kate Spade crossover bag really makes this outfit fun.  Lauren says you could switch up the earrings to white or teal. Also, you can change the the high heels to strappy flats.  Got a night out coming up? 

So the lesson here is that you never know who is inspired by you, it could be a co-worker, friend or in my case a young 8 year old girl.