Are you ready to look your very best?

Stylebar is here to help you

We, at Stylebar, believe in two things.

1. Everybody has a unique style

2. Not everyone has the time or energy to find items that match their style. 

This is why personalization and flexible shopping is the core of everything we do. You work with a real person, or Style Sidekick, to help edit through all the fashion websites finding the items that best fits your unique style. We provide a shopping experience that fits into your schedule and works with your budget all through your mobile phone.


What is Stylebar? #confessionsofastartup

Stylebar was created for those times we needed that "fashionable" friend to help us make those style decisions.  We wanted a style sidekick, someone who knew you and your busy life.   This sidekick would not only help us make better buying decisions but also show items that we wouldn't initially pick out.  Working in retail for many years, and we are sure most retail salespeople can relate, that the best part of selling was when your customer left feeling on Cloud 9.  Whether they got a killer deal or you just made them 10lbs lighter, you were their savior for the day! 

Then Ta da! Stylebar was born.  A styling service that allows you to have your own sidekick in the palm of your hand (well actually your mobile phone).  Then retailers like Macys, Topshop, Steve Madden (and more) joined us in providing the product for our own Style Sidekicks to edit through.   You don't have to fill out an annoying style quiz and you get to talk to a real person (yeah seriously!).  This app was made for men and women, the stylish and not so stylish, the busy and the chilled out... We made it for you!