Have you heard of "I Love Me" gifts?


By Nicole Ruccolo -

As a stylist, I have worked with dozens of women.   Every meeting I would ask "How are you?" and the first response is simply, "busy."  It didn't matter if they were full time employees, company owners, full time moms or often times a combination of two. When I put the handpicked outfits into their fitting rooms I would always make sure not to overwhelm them with too much product but always had a secret bar of items that would be my little surprise.  I always made sure I added an "I love me" gift or two into the mix.   It is a gift to herself, for her to really look forward to wear or have something that wasn't on her list of necessities she had to buy.  Here are few of my favorite "I Love Me" gifts.

1. Feel good PJs, $98

2. Humorous Tee, $55

3. Mini Facial Kits that don't break the bank, $20

4. The easy but stylish slip on sneaker, $195

5. A conversation starter cuff, $32

6.  Not your ordinary cross body, $175

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