Time to Upgrade those Pants


In a previous post, I talk about the advantages of Slim black jeans and how they serve as a great multi-purpose article of clothing;  you can check it out here.  To re-visit that issue, though slim black jeans are great for going out, there are times that call for dressing up even more.  For example, in a lot of work environments sometimes employers won’t allow black jeans as they may seem too dressed down in the office.  In another case, you may find yourself wanting to go out on a date and wear a black shirt without using your black jeans.

So what do you do? You could dress up using dress pants or dress down using regular jeans.  Well, If you find yourself stuck deciding and wishing for a great middle alternative, I suggest Chinos.

Chinos are great because they are pants that can serve as a well to use dressed up yet casual pair of pants.  Chinos will help you keep your dressed up appearance without looking too dressed down like regular jeans.  Another great reason to like Chinos are they are typically made of cotton twill and so are more durable and crease less than dress pants.

Check out a couple great options provided below!



Classic Twill Chinos by Reiss, $180



Straight Leg Chinos by Reiss, $180

Alternative Choices

Polo Ralph Lauren, $99.98 $69.99

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