Super Bowl 2015 Fan Fashion


By: Sam Vander Aarde -

It’s probably a good thing the Green Bay Packers didn’t make it to the Super Bowl this year - otherwise, there could have been a fashion police raid on the sea of  “cheeseheads’ filling the stands!  What will well-dressed Patriot and Seahawk fans be sporting at the Super Bowl this year?  Since the game takes place in Phoenix, Arizona, temps will most likely be in the 60’s.  There will always be the fair-weather fans in attendance only to see, and be seen, more interested in watching what everyone is wearing, rather than watching the game.  But, true sports fans will be dressed comfortably in their team jersey like this one which can be bought at Sports Authority or a vintage tee such as this one I found from Amazon, where ordering it with prime you will have it in time for the game. Paired with straight leg jeans and a retro pair of Chuck Taylor sneakers.

bradyScreen Shot 2015-01-27 at 8.54.50 AM


They will add a little face paint, a few strands of colorful team beads, and a Seahawks or Patriots hat to complete the ensemble.  They will complete the look with a small, cross body bag, leaving their hands free to cheer their favorite team onto victory.

I'm personally a Patriots fan, let me know which team you will be rooting for this Sunday below or tweet me @bigdogvandy!

-Sam Vander Aarde