Winter Fashion: Comfortable and Stylish


By: Sam Vander Aarde -

How can you look good and stay warm during the winter season?  Check out what Minnesotans wear in one of the coldest climates in the country.  Rarely do they wear a bulky coat.  They dress in layers, similar to a northern Californian, even though there is likely to be an 80° difference in temps!


1.  Start with a base layer depending on your neck of the woods, a tee for warm climates or a tee topped with a sweater in colder ones.

2.  Layer the look with a down vest that can keep you warm in cold climates and cool in warm ones.

3.  Add a wool scarf for warmth or a fashionable lightweight one. I would recommend to check out this one from Armani, not too pricey and you can't go wrong with black.

4.  Pull on a pair of skinny jeans and tuck into a pair of tall leather boots or comfy leather UGGs.

5.  Finish the look with a knit cable hat, a pair of matching gloves and a pair of polarized Ray Ban sunglasses.

Guys can pull off the same look adding a flannel shirt and lacing up high Timberland boots. If you guys are interested in boots I urge to check out the ones from Cole Haan, they are waterproof and extremely comfortable.

Who says you can’t look good in the winter all bundled up?


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