Six Outfit Essentials for a Long Flight


By Lauren Peetz -

The Dilemma

On the way back from India, after a long holiday without my husband, I was more than eager to get back to the States. You know the feeling of when you are looking forward to  something so desperately, that you actually mess something up.  Well, that was exactly what happened and at the worst time.  I missed my connection to San Francisco and was stranded at the Beijing Airport!!!  I was of course not prepared to stay overnight. I only had one handbag which carried my laptop, headphones and a book to read. Being the person I am, first thing that came to my mind was, what am I going to wear for the night? And the next day? It will be the first time I will see my husband in over a month and I am going to look like a hot mess.  If only I had packed a pair of comfortable leggings and a light weight top, I would have been fine. Its at times like these when you know you need to plan ahead and plan for contingencies. Stay comfortable and fashionable even in the most disastrous situations!

No one looks forward to taking a long-flight, but preparing the right outfit can keep you comfortable without sacrificing style. Planes usually fluctuate from freezing cold to hot and stuffy so the best approach is to go with light layers. Here are my 6 must haves items that you should bring with you on the long flight just in case those random acts of mess ups.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 11.14.31 PM

  1. Start with Leggings or stretch jeans in a dark color. Think comfort!
  2. Light-weight tunics or blouse in a low wrinkle fabric.
  3. Big Purses are key for carrying in-transit essentials.
  4. Big Scarves are good for when the plane get chilly
  5. Comfortable shoes are a must, because Roller bags and redeyes are difficult enough! Think Ballet flats or simple boots
  6. Trench coats can double as a blanket

Mix and match patterns, color and styles to find your personal plane style.  If you like anything pictured feel free to comment below, I will totally help you find those items or find something similar.

Tips By Lauren //  Lauren is a travel photographer and shares her experiences to OPENBAR each week.  Follow Lauren on Tumblr ( and Facebook

"The Dilemma" by Neeti //  Neeti is one of the creators of Stylebar, formerly from India, she shares her tastes and fashion advice with busy men and women.  Follow Neeti on Instagram @NTulsyan and Facebook.