Last Minute: Super Bowl Style 911


By: Leyna Riddle -

As the Super Bowl approaches, men and women everywhere are putting together the perfect Super Bowl party and trying to make a football jersey fashionable. As much as we love the men in those jerseys, they were meant for football players. Don’t be caught at your friend’s super bowl party wearing an oversized boxy ensemble and instead try one of these Junk Food tees. Loved by celebrities everywhere, Junk Food has created the perfect graphic tee to display your team loyalty. These classic tees can be easily styled with any skinny jean and give a great effortless look perfect for the big game.nfl1 PATRIOT!

Now incase you can't get your hands on these adorable tees.  No worries... I did some last minute hunting for you and found some awesome tops that are very affordable and easy to find at your local stores.  Seriously, how adorable is the white tank from Target, it can easily be worn to the gym or transition into summer.  So don't stress, I know you have been planning a killer Super Bowl party.  I personally have been hitting the books for midterms, papers, and presentations... Oh my! So feel free to comment below on your Super Bowl plans, because I could use a few ideas to celebrate the end of the week!


patriots1 seahawks1 swag


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