Sunday Style Prep


By: Nicole Ruccolo -

Sundays are my favorite day of the week. It is the day that is truly reserved for myself and therefore I do what ever comes to mind or feel in the moment.  I do not plan events or meetings on this day, other than being with my husband or close friends.  "Sunday Funday" deserves a place in your life even when your out of college and working the 9 to 5.    I'm going to take you through my typical Sunday evenings and how I organize the crazy week prior and prep for the new week.  I fondly call it "Style Prepping," as you are shaping and styling the week to come.

First thing first: You need to clear your head! Find what relaxes you.  Is it a run? walk?  in my case its a bath.  They say that the greatest ideas come to you when your in the shower or bath because your mind is completely clear.    I decorate the top of my bathroom dresser with bath soaps, salts, scents, and lotion.  This makes me look forward to each Sunday and puts me in a positive space.



I love bubble bars from LUSH, I try to keep my stock full so every Sunday I can choose the scent I want.  It is important to me to try to emulate the spa experience, especially without having to pay that crazy price tag.   I use a diffuser that is clean and fresh, the one from ACQUA is absolutely stunning in both scent and feel of the room.  Now turn off the lights and soak up.

IMG_4376Secondly, get your hands on a great face mask.  Give your face some TLC, there are so many products out there that it can get pretty overwhelming.  I have tried them all, trust me, and I keep going back to the face masks at LUSH. So simple and inexpensive.  They are organic and the best part is they recycle your old jars and you earn a free mask.  The one I use is Love Lettuce, it has ground almond, french lavender oil, seaweed, and honey.  I leave it on for 5 minutes and my skin is so smooth and fresh.  The candle is from a small company that uses repurposed wine bottles, the scent is.... no surprise, cabernet.

IMG_4437-1Finally, it's time to organize.  Secretly, it's my favorite part! I break out my Erin Condren planner, look through my notes from the week prior and start planning the week ahead.   I use colorful gel pens to prioritize projects and meetings.  My husband went as far as to get me a 100 gel pen set for Christmas.  Apparently my pen obsession is no longer a secret.  I set my work bag and purse on my desk and clean them both out.  You should head into the week removing all clutter, including that giant bag of yours. I just purchased the new Michael Kors small Sutton Saffiano Leather Satchel in navy.  Best purchase ever!!  It is the perfect size and the side zippers are great for my giant iPhone (P.S. thinking about a new iPhone, get the 6; not 6+).  The large gray tote is used for work and fits my laptop.  I gravitated towards this style because of its durability, this particular bag is over a year and half old and still looks brand new.


So make Sundays "Style Prep" days.  You deserve it and I promise you it will make the Mondays not feel so bad.  I hope you have an awesome week, and grab each opportunity you can! xo Nicole



Nicole is the co-founder and CEO of Stylebar.  She attends Santa Clara University and has worked as merchandiser and personal stylist for companies like Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and David Bitton.  Follow her on Instagram @nicoleruccolo // Facebook // twitter @nicole_ruccolo