The Best of Subscription Boxes: Beauty, Clothing, Food and More


By Leyna Riddle-

Subscription boxes not only come handy when you are rushing but also make you feel special overtime you receive one. Here are my top five "Must Have" subscription boxes.

Glossy Box

At $21, this monthly box features high end brands from around the world for you to sample and find your new favorite product. Glossy box is the best way to find your new favorite product without paying full price for something that doesn’t work. Their user friendly site gives a preview of what you’re about to receive and features a review section for each monthly box.


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At $49.95, you can finally save your worn out shirts for bed and become the stylish gym rat you always aspire to be. Co-founded by Kate Hudson, this monthly box gives you a complete workout look based on your style and exercise routine. With a variety of styles at a fraction of the cost, how could you say no?

Sub 2

Blue Apron

At $59.94, 2 person plan, this perfect box is for any busy couple trying to use their kitchen and cut the amount of spoiled food in their refrigerator. Blue Apron sends you everything you need to make a meal for two. The box comes with ingredients for a meal based on your dietary preferences right to your door, making dinner just that easy.

Sub 5

Club W

At $45, for every wine lover, this box can expand your palate and help you find your new favorite wine. Club W works directly with wine companies and gives small wineries a chance to become your favorite bottle. Discover your unique wine personality with boutique bottle delivered to your door.


Dollar Shave Club

At $1-$9, “Shave time. Shave money.” The Dollar Shave Club creates convenience by sending your a razor and blades each month for a low cost. You can chose what kind of blade you like and add other shave products to your subscription each month.

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