2015 Fashion Week: Which is Your Favorite Fashion Capital?


By Lauren Peetz-

 While we all dream to be front row for the ever-sacred fashion week, we might not know which fashion week to pick. Twice a year fashion week makes a stop at the “Big 4”: New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

Each of these fashion capitals exhibit their own specific characters, which is evident through the designers and styles that are present in their fashion week.

So which Fashion Week would you like best?

New York

The Big Apple is a center for fresh young ideas with its high density of design schools. This in combination with a strong garment district and impressive wholesale markets means that New York is known for innovative and diverse fashions.




Just over the pond is London, who prides itself in its base of prestigious fashion training and well-established labels. A movement towards collaboration and teamwork means that London is known for its classic, polished style.




The Italian fashion capital has been leading style since the Renaissance! With it’s history in luxury apparel, Milan is moving towards practicality and simple elegance. Just ask some of their resident designers: Armani, Valentino, Versace, Prada.  




The City of Light would have you all believe that it is the true fashion capital of the world and it is hard to argue. With haute couture and some of the most famous designers in the world (Chanel, Dior, Hermes), Paris is the center of provocative



While I would love to visit them all, New York would be my choice. The diverse, and cutting edge designs mean that love it or hate it, the New York fashion shows will entertain!

2015 Fashion Week Schedule:

New York: February 12-19

London: February 20-24

Milan: February 25- March 3

Paris: March 4-11


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