Hike with Style


By Sam Vander Aarde -

Hiking?  Really?  Well, if you must go, go prepared!  Remember the key is comfort and that means, dress in layers.  If your weather is warm and sunny, a tank, cargo shorts, comfy socks and a good hiking boot or shoe.  Make sure your boots are not new or your hike will be cut short due to blisters.  This boot below is perfect. I found it at Timberland.

BotsMake sure you carry a small backpack stocked with must-have staple items!  I recommend the Swiss Gear backpack which can be found at Amazon.



Not to forget, pack sunscreen and a hat!  You will need sunglasses, a packable, light weight rain jacket with a hood, yoga or cargo pants, extra socks, band-aids, water bottle and energy bars.  Should your weather be on the chilly side, turn to L.L. Bean.  They test all their gear at the top of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.  It is the highest point in the Northeast and you could encounter any or all of the four storm fronts that meet at it's peak.  No matter where you choose to go, be prepared!  Carry your cell phone and pay attention to your surroundings. Have fun!

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