Poll: What is your Favorite Crazy Look from NY Fashion Week 2015?


By: Lauren Peetz -

So you can expect a little crazy from Fashion Week but I feel like the designers from this year’s New York Fashion Week have outdone themselves.  AND I LOVE IT! What do you think? Vote at the end to decide which of these crazy looks is your favorite.

Number 1: Kanye West’s Adidas X Originals Show

Am I the only one who feels like this fashion show was a hipster version of “The Walking Dead?” Terrifying.  One even took "bottomless" very literally at this party.


Number 2: The Blonds

What happens when you run out of beads for your beadazzler! I hope Lady Gaga is considering this for one of her wedding looks!


Number 3: Monocle Grenoble

And this would be perfect for Daft Punk’s winter vacation!!!weirdLP

Number 4: Alexander Wang

I almost missed the chainmail bondage dress because I JUST WANT TO FIX HER HAIR!!!!!  Doesn't this remind you of something Christian Grey would be into?


hahaLP copy

Number 5: Hood By Air

Mugger, Goth, Winter-wear, Juggler? I can’t decide exactly where this look belongs….. I think the model’s face says it all.hoodbyair

Now cast your vote below for your favorite crazy NY Fashion Week look!  Hopefully London's Fashion Week gives us more unique outfits for us to smile at.


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