Picnic Essentials


By Neeti Tulsyan-

The warm weather is here in Northern California! Yesterday I was out lazy-ing around in the park. The sun simply sets the mood for a day out! While I was basking in the sun, I did a little people watching.  It was fun seeing people pull out their “almost summer” attire on. But what caught my eye was a picnic setting that was out of this world. This gave me inspiration to incorporate fashion and of course our favorite, food. I thought, why not share with you my tips to make your picnic the most stylish one!

1. First, grab a picnic mat from Bed, Bath and Beyond. They have bright colors in geometric and flowery prints, it lays the perfect backdrop for all your instagram photos. Not to mention the mat is foldable and easy to carry.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 5.42.59 PM

2. Next, spend some time on picking up some picnic attire. For ladies, a big hat, maxi dress, and sunnies will do the trick. And for gents, lightweight shorts and cotton tees are easy to find. You want to not only be comfortable but also look good while you bask in that sun. (pssst…don’t forget sunscreen). I picked a few for you to browse.


IMG_2391 copy




3. Finally don’t forget, your picnic basket. I found this one on Amazon. Believe me, if it’s a date you are on, you just wooed your beloved! Wine, cheese and sun, aah!! They come in all shapes an sizes and perfect for the park or afternoon at the beach.



Neeti is one of the creators of Stylebar, formerly from India, she shares her tastes and fashion advice with busy men and women.  Follow Neeti on Instagram @ntulsyan and Facebook.