Scarves: How & What to Wear


By Neeti Tulsyan-

Now that spring is here and summer around the corner, it’s time to freshen up your basic t-shirts and blouses. The simplest and cheapest way “Oh so simple….”  is by adding a scarf! This isn’t rocket science but having a variety of scarves in your closet in arrays of different fabrics and colors can get you out of the door looking put together.

I love scarves and I try to grab new ones whenever I’m browsing the stores. Let me share with you my collection, most of which I picked up for less than $15. You don’t really need to hunt them down. Check out the small boutique stores in your downtown and most often you will find some really unique pieces!

Black and Sequins: always comes handy when I have a sudden dinner plan. I let it loose with a black top, add some lip color and eye make up and I am good to go.

IMG_7110 copyA Bright Pop of Color: This orange scarf is my all time favorite. It works across all seasons. On a winter night, it makes me shine and ona bright summer day, it looks vibrant. 

IMG_7106Teeny Weeny Polka Dot: This pink cotton polka dot scarf is soft and comfortable. I wear it on any casual day with both white and black tops. Looks great wrapped around my neck with a navy top and white jeans.


Wild over Print: I picked recently from one of the boutiques andbelieve me I carry it everywhere with me. You don’t need any other accessory to go with it. This picture is from my recent trip to Skagit Valley in Washington.

IMG_7021Pucker Up!: And this last one is my valentine look. The fluorescent green scarf with sure catch everybody’s attention.

IMG_6606Tie it up: I found this cool video on multiple ways to tie your scarves. I personally love the the simple European loop  and a more stylish celebrity look.

Post a pic of your favorite scarf below!

Neeti is one of the creators of Stylebar, formerly from India, she shares her tastes and fashion advice with busy men and women.  Follow Neeti on Instagram @ntulsyan and Facebook.