Spring & Summer Shoes


By Eric Lau-

Spring has finally arrived and with it warm sunny weather!  As the temperature begins to rise it opens up a greater variety of clothes guys can wear.  Now that it’s finally shorts weather a question that might be on people’s mind is what type of shoe can I wear? I have found that wearing high dunks with shorts, though useful in some cases can also look a little awkward from time to time.  So, as you go to the store looking for more spring/summer shoes my best suggestion is on getting a pair of low boat style shoes.

Classic Sperrys ($155)


Sperry’s (my personal favorite) ($155)


Low cut shoes are often very useful because they aren’t as suffocating for your feet in hot weather and they look great with shorts.  This sometimes also provides the added benefit of giving off a perception that a person is taller particularly if their shorts end above their knees.  A couple shoes I have picked out for this occasion include Boating shoes such as the classic Sperry’s and a more casual sneaker.  It all depends on which style suit you best however both are a great option.

Van Sneakers ($75)

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 11.12.32 AM

H&M Sneakers ($39.95)hmprod

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