Dress the Lost Boys


By Lauren Bigelow

There is a very real moment every man must come face-to-face with. It usually occurs sometime in May, 1-2 years after their college graduation. This moment is when men realize it is no longer “sexy” to wear boardshorts and bro tanks every time the weather forecast spikes above 70 degrees. Some men, of course, have this realization earlier in life and start to adapt the Vineyard Vines look or, god forbid, the more “lax” look of Jorts, beat up skate shoes, and a large t-shirt. I decided to run a little experiment using my stylist partner and fellow blogger, Eric Lau, to show how these men should be dressing from a lady's point of view.  I’m creating a list of Summer must-haves for the man who falls somewhere in between East Coast Preppy and West Coast Hipster.  Of course, Eric didn't let me off the hook, check out how he chimed in and styled me on his blog, here.


Eric Lau, Fashion Omni


For the Office

Summer means it’s time to keep it light! Mix and match light blues, dark blues, greys, white, and neutrals. For Eric, I recommended getting a light grey suit, a dark blue suit, and a pair of nice Khakis. From there, pick out patterned shirts, fun ties, and stylish socks to keep outfits looking fresh throughout the season. As for shoes, a pair of light brown leather shoes or gray shoes can be worn effortlessly with any of these combinations.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 6.47.34 PM For the Weekend

Slip-ons, shorts, jeans, T-shirts, button-downs, and hoodies are the simplest way to stay looking sharp without wasting anytime planning. Try to buy pieces that can all be mixed and matched - the goal is to look effortlessly handsome without actually looking like you put in zero effort. Summer is an excuse to break away from the same colors you always wear so try a pastel or something more wild - shorts with subtle patterns, for example. It’s the season all about stripes and patterns so seek out t-shirts or hoodies that will make the ladies look… twice!

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 6.47.59 PM

For a Date Night

 This outfit will vary based on the occasion, but for Eric I say: slip on a clean pair of slim jeans or khakis, pull out your favorite patterned button down, slide on some slip-ons and whatever you do, don’t be late! This style is a combination of your weekend look and your in-office look. If you’re going out to dinner, steer away from t-shirts and jeans. Put on your favorite watch, your mysterious shades, and head out the door!

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 7.01.09 PM

Remember: keep it light, play around with patterns and pastels, blue and neutrals are your best friend, and any outfit can be upgraded by adding a watch and sunglasses!

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Stylebar’s own, Lauren Bigelow is a senior at Santa Clara University and fashionista extraordinaire! Follow her journey with Stylebar and her travels on instagram @laurenbigelow