All Black Everything


By Lauren Bigelow

When I’m rushing out the door to have dinner with girlfriends, getting dressed for a night out in the city, or throwing on an outfit to go into the office, the vibrant words of Lupe Fiasco flash through my mind: “All Black Everything.” Thats right, my favorite, go-to look of every season isn’t decadent colors, patterns, or eye-catching florals. My “style uniform” is all black everything!  And I love the look for both men and women. It’s simple but sleek, sexy, and can be so chic when properly executed. Which means, yes, even an outfit of all the same color can go wrong.

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Mixing textures of black can make an outfit just as eye catching as a bright, patterned look. Leather, cotton, silk, are a few of the materials I most often mix. Again, this look is out-of-the-park for both men and women and never goes out of season.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 7.47.21 PM From Kanye, to David Beckham, and even George Clooney - the sexiest men alive know the style power behind the all black look, do you?

It’s time to discover it!

Comment below and tell us how you dress up or dress down the “All Black Everything” look I swear by! Happy Shopping!

Stylebar’s own, Lauren Bigelow is a senior at Santa Clara University and fashionista extraordinaire! Follow her journey with Stylebar and her travels on instagram @laurenbigelow