Have you tried these workouts?


By Nicole Ruccolo

The summer is literally upon us, and it's never too late to break a sweat, tone up, or slim down!  Its time to get out and try activities that take the zzzzzzz's out of working out.  I review five fun and adventurous workouts that will get our muscles moving!

Spin it off - Soulcycle, first class is $20


Soulcycle is not just your typical in-door cycling class.  It is a blend of choreography, hand weights and cardio bundled in a 45 minute minute class.  Soulcycle provides first time riders with their "click in" shoes which are safer and better for your workout. With your favorite tunes playing and an energetic class of dedicated spin-istas the class will leave your body feeling oh so good.

What to wear:


Nike, $67.99

  Nike, $34.99

  Nike, $39.99 

Hiking with a view - Rancho San Antonio Preserve, CA, FREE


This 165-acre preserve will definitely give our bum a workout.  Grab a friend and start early and trust me the hills are intense on certain trails.

What to wear:   Nike, $109.99  Adidas, $79.99

Nike, $44.99    Nike, $34.99

Seek out your inner gymnast! - Airborne Gym / Goldstar Gym (both FREE for first timers)


Pull out your inner gymnast and try an adult class at a gymnastics gym.  The classes are mixed with those who are new to the sport and those who used to do it in their college days, so overall a nice mix of skills.  The coaches will work you out just like the gymnasts do with conditioning, drills and a chance to use equipment during "open gym" time.  You don't have to be a pro, you literally can walk in and with never doing a somersault in your life and you will get a killer workout.  Warning.... walking will be hard the next day!

What to wear:

Nike, $67.99

Nike, $39.99  $34.99

Adidas, $44.99

Got a creative workout idea?!?  Share Below!