Summer Shorts for Men

IMG_5970By Eric Lau -

As the weather heats up it’s time to say goodbye to long pants and hello to shorts!  Touching back on one of my first posts, I want to re-stress the importance of having shorts that are the correct length.  Of course styles can change based off a person’s personality, but a good general shorts length should end slightly above a person’s knee’s.  In addition, it’s great if you can find a pair that contours to your body well such as slimmer shorts for slimmer guys.  It’s best to minimize the amount of baggy sizing in your pans because that widen’s your base and shortens the look of your legs (your goal should be to make your legs look longer).

Below are a couple great options that I have picked out from Express Men’s that fit this bill!  Also, don’t be afraid to try some simple styles or light colors.  With a little confidence that little difference can look great!



10 Inch Belted Lennox Shorts-Icicle Blue ($35.94)

tumblr_inline_noqxtwgYNb1qf969g_50010 Inch Palm Print Chambray Flat Front Shorts ($35.94)


Striped Linen-Cotton Shorts ($35.94)


10 Inch Belted Lennox Shorts-White ($35.94)

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