The Basics

What is Stylebar?

Stylebar is a service that connects style sidekicks and online shoppers. Sidekicks are personal stylists that help you shop and provide a manageable and personalized selection of items.  Users can interact with a dedicated sidekick through our in-app-messenger.   

How do I get started on Stylebar?

Let your sidekick know what your needs are, basic clothing sizes, and 2-3 photos of yourself.  With this information our Sidekicks will be able to create their first “mix” of items for you.

 Does Stylebar have a mobile app?

We are currently testing our awesome features on our mobile website.  As a Stylebar client you are also invited to our private Facebook page which allows you to interact with our community. There you can share your experience and see the latest news on Stylebar’s journey to the app store. 

Which countries does Stylebar work in?

As of now, Stylebar will work only within US.

How can I keep myself updated with the latest trends?

Stylebar has an in house blog and “Shop the Look” page, which caters for the fashion seekers. Style Sidekicks and feature bloggers post daily, got to

What should I do to have the best experience on Stylebar?

For best experience at Stylebar, you should keep in regular touch with your sidekick. The more you connect, the better they will understand you and the better they will be able to pick products you would fall in love with. Most importantly, have fun!


Our Stylists (Style Sidekicks)

How am I matched with a Sidekick?

We will assign you with a sidekick who will connect with you via in-app messenger.  Your sidekick will chat with you, get to know you, then send you a personalized “mix” of items you requested for. You can have a follow-up discussion with your sidekick on what you like and what you don’t. It’s a fun and smooth experience at your convenience. However, if you are unhappy with your sidekick, you can email us at  and we will match you with another one. To enhance your future experience with Stylebar, we would appreciate if you provide a reason for requesting change.

Can I speak with my sidekick on phone?

To make your experience smooth and convenient, we use an in-app text feature that allows you to text your stylist at any time of the day.  The feature allows you to speak with your sidekick on your terms and is there when you need them.  

Does Stylebar styling cost money?

Styling at Stylebar is absolutely free. Stylebar is looking at revolutionizing the online shopping experience.  We therefore, encourage you to use the service as much as possible and make your online shopping experience even better.

How long does it usually take for a sidekick to respond to my messages?

Every time you text a sidekick, he/she will get back to you within a few hours.  Let your sidekick know the best time to reach you or when you want your style mixes. Stylebar aims to provide you the convenience of being reached out only when you want to. Say goodbye to pushy salespeople! 


Can I upload my existing clothes on the Stylebar app?

Coming soon!  We are currently working on a feature where you can upload your existing wardrobe on the Stylebar app. However, if you want your sidekick to find you something that matches with your existing clothes, you can always text her/him a picture.

 What if I don’t know my size well?

We prefer you give us your exact sizes so that we can find you clothes that would fit perfectly but if you don’t know your size, an approximate range will help your sidekick find you the right piece. 

Can I browse other products on Stylebar?

Our “feed” tab allows you to shop and interact with our community.  You can click on them, expand them and save the items your considering purchasing.

What if the products is on sale at the store?

Stylebar has access to all promotional codes and sale prices.  We will honor the lowest price advertised by that particular retailer. 

How do I buy something on Stylebar?

Of course, you will be able to buy directly from the retailer as well. There will be a link on the product that will take you to the particular product on the brand’s website. You will however need to fill in all your information (payment and delivery) when you make a purchase on the individual brand websites.


Shipping & Returns

Is shipping free?

Shipping depends on the retailer’s shipping policy. 

How do I return a product I buy through Stylebar?

Please refer to, and adhere to, the retailer return policy for the item you've purchased through Stylebar. Usually the return instructions are right there in the packaging alongside your item from the retailer. Follow the instructions the retailer sends you, and your refund will be on its way.

If the retailer's return instructions are not in the package, are not clear, or require our assistance, by all means, shoot us a note and we'll help you out.

Unfortunately, some products cannot be returned, and while that's a bummer, it's usually for good reason. You know the ones … things like personalized or custom products, many digital items, undergarments, and final sale items.

What happens to my payment if I return a product?

Again, depending upon the retailer’s refund policy, your account will be credited with the relevant amount.

How much time do I have to return the products?

Since the shipping is done at the retailer’s end, the return policy will vary depending on the retailer.  Of, course if you need any help in the return process let your style sidekick know or email us at