Can I upload my existing clothes on the Stylebar app?

Coming soon!  We are currently working on a feature where you can upload your existing wardrobe on the Stylebar app. However, if you want your sidekick to find you something that matches with your existing clothes, you can always text her/him a picture.

 What if I don’t know my size well?

We prefer you give us your exact sizes so that we can find you clothes that would fit perfectly but if you don’t know your size, an approximate range will help your sidekick find you the right piece. 

Can I browse other products on Stylebar?

Our “feed” tab allows you to shop and interact with our community.  You can click on them, expand them and save the items your considering purchasing.

What if the products is on sale at the store?

Stylebar has access to all promotional codes and sale prices.  We will honor the lowest price advertised by that particular retailer. 

How do I buy something on Stylebar?

Of course, you will be able to buy directly from the retailer as well. There will be a link on the product that will take you to the particular product on the brand’s website. You will however need to fill in all your information (payment and delivery) when you make a purchase on the individual brand websites.