The Basics

What is Stylebar?

Stylebar is a service that connects style sidekicks and online shoppers. Sidekicks are personal stylists that help you shop and provide a manageable and personalized selection of items.  Users can interact with a dedicated sidekick through our in-app-messenger.   

How do I get started on Stylebar?

Let your sidekick know what your needs are, basic clothing sizes, and 2-3 photos of yourself.  With this information our Sidekicks will be able to create their first “mix” of items for you.

 Does Stylebar have a mobile app?

We are currently testing our awesome features on our mobile website.  As a Stylebar client you are also invited to our private Facebook page which allows you to interact with our community. There you can share your experience and see the latest news on Stylebar’s journey to the app store. 

Which countries does Stylebar work in?

As of now, Stylebar will work only within US.

How can I keep myself updated with the latest trends?

Stylebar has an in house blog and “Shop the Look” page, which caters for the fashion seekers. Style Sidekicks and feature bloggers post daily, got to

What should I do to have the best experience on Stylebar?

For best experience at Stylebar, you should keep in regular touch with your sidekick. The more you connect, the better they will understand you and the better they will be able to pick products you would fall in love with. Most importantly, have fun!